The fashion

The fashion The wave went to grand pianos all for a grand piano.

Not important, there is a hearing or not.

You do not want we will force, you cannot we will teach.

The fashion went for tennis all a wave on tennis.

We went to national dances try, do not go.

Mother went, the grandmother went.

In one collective dancing thirty years.

Try, do not go!

Therefore such education is called in passion.

Education in clemency Education in clemency the most difficult.

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If to place

If to place Their mentality is not capable to abstract and emotionally these events are perceived, as the tragedy in the neighboring yard.

Too big flow of information connected with violence, with failures suppresses, stultifies the child.

If to place a usual thermometer, suppose, in a blast furnace, you can present that to it happens.

Something similar happens to the child when he is affected by excessively emotional information which falls upon it through mass media, weakens it and does his feelings more otupevkshy, unreceptive.

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The child

The child In the same style, can be it is required to repeat two hundred times before the child automatically reacts please, do not throw food on a floor, look that the food remained on a plate, do not scatter it.

When skilled mother feeds the kid, she rather reasonably puts an oilcloth on a floor in that place where he sits.

The child can study consciously on the mistakes, but most often he does not do it, and till nine years the child learns to imitate, follow and imitate the parents simply.

If you feel inconveniently and badly, the child will feel too bad.

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Anna P. The most

Anna P. The most Professor Michael Pauer from University of Edinburgh representing these data to the British psychological society, told: We were surprised a little by such result.

Chapter FEEDING AND BATTLES Feeding by a breast affects you on kakomto depths number, the main level therefore it is so fine when all goes well, and it is so sad when anything it is impossible.

Anna P.

The most difficult to treat with understanding, when they reject a dish which I prepared about such love.

It ochenyochen is difficult for me.

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He knew

He knew David was delighted both that and another also showed them to Barbara and Peter, which encouraged him.

We again talked how to distinguish, when it needs to descend, about pressure in a tummy and about that it is necessary to go to a toilet and to remove panties in time.

He knew that I am kind to is connected ny with these difficulties.

Anyway, already passed three months, and it almost learned.

He is proud of himself!

I looked forward to the following seminar.

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Clare Page. I always

Clare Page. I always I am happy that we is quiet treated his Baby.

It is especially kind with a bit mi children, and I sometimes think, whether these are connected facts.

Clare Page.

I always wore jeans and trousers, therefore for me was shock that I have a girl who loves pink and frills.

But it such.

I sigh sometimes from clothes which it chooses, and in six years it has more lipstick, than at me, and it makes up lips more often than I.

But she thinks that she beautiful, and me it arranges.

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  • When pronouncing hissing and the whistling sounds this nonsyllabic sound is followed pridykhatelny noise.In attempt to say a sound separately the child will also reproduce certain the muffled sound or will be able to say nothing.The child instead of one sound says fully sounding other sound.For example, instead of r says a sound l or and.It is called replacement.The child can replace one sound with the defectively sounding other sound.For example, the sound sh replaces on incorrectly proiz wearable sound with.
  • Now, when you thought of it, I will share with you my opinion.Let's say there are children, which can wave away from humiliation of the house and consult with difficulties of the outside world.Also we will allow, there are children, to which houses treat with attention, but all of them How to speak that children listened.still doubt the abilities and avoid difficulties.However it seems logical that children, you growing in families which appreciated all the best in them, most likely will better think of themselves, from the bigger hunting to overcome difficulties of life and to put before itself higher purposes, than in what did not appreciate it.
  • Usually such paranoichesky state begins that for any mistake we are worthy very severe punishment.And though unlike the child they are already capable to logical thinking, it testifies that till nine years they did not get due experience of experience of own innocence when I am good such is what I am.It is very difficult for many parents to accept it therefore many mothers traditionally rigidly react to behavior of the children who, suppose, on a visit behave not really accurately, something is broken or beaten.Feeling guilty for an act of the child, mother feels fear that she is bad mother, and shows it as anger, bringing down it on the child in the form of punishment.
  • To put it briefly, all of us were brought during this dispute about on consequences, all were angry at each other and I will come nothing Mali concerning a dog.Only conclusion, which I can make, is that my boys still nedostatoch but grew for this method.Not the best idea to discuss consequences, to gd you try to solve a problem.All this process it is directed on confidencebuilding and it is benevolent st.As soon as there is an idea about consequences in a case failures, everything is spoiled.
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