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Let's provide

Let's provide When parents snatch on themselves I again forgot the key.

Yes that with me such?

It is necessary was to make such nonsense!

As I could appear such silly woman?

I will never be cleverer, children do conclusion that and it is necessary to treat himself, when they with vershat a mistake.

Let's provide instead to them more a forehead the eternal and directed on a solution sample.

If we do something that it was better not to do and howl it is used it as opportunity, that loudly to tell itself: About the devil, better I would not forget this key.

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Many women

Many women Feeding by a breast cheap, conveniently also does not demand washing on courts but not always goes simply.

The popular image of mother with the child at a breast renders sil Nov influence as a rule, it has not enough relation to reality can also cause sense of guilt and disappointment, when you feel rather dairy cow, than Ma ground with the baby.

Many women quickly give up, poskol ku meet difficulties and, as a result, believe, quarrystone that is done chtoto incorrectly.

Actually, though many mothers and kids with ease get used to feeding by a breast and over time almost all derive from it pleasure, neko tory with surprise find out that such feeding to a treb et forces and energy which not are available for all.

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He did not notice

He did not notice But conjurers not of a skra howl that all this an optical illusion and dexterity hands.

And wizards?

They do not happen, they from fairy tales.

And in general, what can be an ox shebnik when there are computers and planes.

Kakto Petya came back home by bus from having been unwell grandmother's necks.

He did not notice how dozed off.

The boy, wake up, the bus goes to park, was distributed over the head cheyto voice.

Petya wiped eyes and understood that overslept the stop.

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It reduces

It reduces Both you, and yours family will benefit from it.

If not to care of itself and not to satisfy the requirements, it is possible to become easy for the sensitive.

It reduces ability to hear children and to be with them, without feeling freight of requirements.

And then we see only how our children behave, and we do not see, why they do it.

Stella Ward, nurse and coordinator of the Parental network If you in kakoyto the moment feel that from a stress are ready to blow up, recognize it and act to prevent explosion.

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SOUNDS AND LETTERS Lips prevent air to leave freely.

If when pronouncing sound the barrier lips, meets teeth or language, it not vowels sounds, and concordants.

SOUNDS AND LETTERS Sh and P + Define: sounds Sh, P vowels or concordants?

Lead round blue a karand shy.

Shade on a sample.

+ Print out.

+ Read.

SHA SHIU SHU OUR USH OSH + Reprint the previous line, but letters trade places.

+ Listen and print the last sound: Aum, pestilence, ioush, house, sphere, shower.

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Read the book

Read the book Keep from temptation to pass them and to pass to pleasant frag to cops.

If you have a friend with whom you could to work on exercises, so even it is better.

We on we detsya, you will talk, argue and is detailed to discuss answers with it.

We also hope that you will write down your answers so that this book became a personal reminder for you.

Write accurately or illegibly, change the opinion, cross out or erase, but write.

Read the book slowly.

Occupied more Desya from us ti years to learn everything that we in it tell.

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It will help

It will help Thinking out, what parts of a letter can be represented, that the riddle turned out more difficult, it will fix in game grafia the chesky image of a letter, will learn to learn it on elements, lega to will acquire, than are similar and than letters differ.

It will help not only to master space, but also to create an image letters which is first brick in such slozha ny processes, as letter and reading.

Cutting letters sheets , Purpose Development of spatial representations, formirovaa scientific research institute of an image of a letter, development of attention.

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  • When pronouncing hissing and the whistling sounds this nonsyllabic sound is followed pridykhatelny noise.In attempt to say a sound separately the child will also reproduce certain the muffled sound or will be able to say nothing.The child instead of one sound says fully sounding other sound.For example, instead of r says a sound l or and.It is called replacement.The child can replace one sound with the defectively sounding other sound.For example, the sound sh replaces on incorrectly proiz wearable sound with.
  • Now, when you thought of it, I will share with you my opinion.Let's say there are children, which can wave away from humiliation of the house and consult with difficulties of the outside world.Also we will allow, there are children, to which houses treat with attention, but all of them How to speak that children listened.still doubt the abilities and avoid difficulties.However it seems logical that children, you growing in families which appreciated all the best in them, most likely will better think of themselves, from the bigger hunting to overcome difficulties of life and to put before itself higher purposes, than in what did not appreciate it.
  • Usually such paranoichesky state begins that for any mistake we are worthy very severe punishment.And though unlike the child they are already capable to logical thinking, it testifies that till nine years they did not get due experience of experience of own innocence when I am good such is what I am.It is very difficult for many parents to accept it therefore many mothers traditionally rigidly react to behavior of the children who, suppose, on a visit behave not really accurately, something is broken or beaten.Feeling guilty for an act of the child, mother feels fear that she is bad mother, and shows it as anger, bringing down it on the child in the form of punishment.
  • To put it briefly, all of us were brought during this dispute about on consequences, all were angry at each other and I will come nothing Mali concerning a dog.Only conclusion, which I can make, is that my boys still nedostatoch but grew for this method.Not the best idea to discuss consequences, to gd you try to solve a problem.All this process it is directed on confidencebuilding and it is benevolent st.As soon as there is an idea about consequences in a case failures, everything is spoiled.
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